How to Launch a Recession Proof Funding Empire Part Time & Earn Recurring Income For Life

Launch your OWN Business Finance Brokerage by 
Simply Sharing a Link with Business Owners, "powered by 
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  • How to quickly find deals on LinkedIN with our proven message templates and perfect Partner Search System
  • How you can earn lucrative payouts per deal by sharing a link with business owners, eCommerce entrepreneurs, home flippers and more
  • How to quickly build a team and earn override commissions by leveraging their Efforts
  • ​How to harness the power of Facebook Business groups and LinkedIN Partner Groups to send you deals and build your team daily
  • ​How the right partner contact can earn you substantial passive income
  • ​Why our proven technology funnels do most of the selling and heavy lifting for you
  • ​The power of unleashing our recurring revenue programs by connecting with Insurance Brokers/Agents
  • ​How to follow the same proven systems implemented by current Partners  whose incomes are in the top ten percent of the US

Just Added!

Watch the Full Training to Receive TEN Additional Team Building Training Videos

Hosted by 
 Founder, Leo Kanell

Leo and his funding teams have secured hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for thousands of small business owners across the country.

He and his teams has been fortunate to build multiple businesses that have provided business owners with the tools, strategies and financing to create thousands of jobs. This has allowed them the opportunity to pursue the American Dream.

Our referral partner program is the culmination of over 18 years of entrepreneurial experience. It represents our commitment to provide a unique opportunity to driven individuals who want to make a massive impact by helping business owners while at the same time creating their own dream business/life.

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